• What We Do

    Using smart fingerprint technology, CREDZ authenticates the credentials of any device, vehicle, battery or component, and connects brands with customers in a trusted way. 

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    Scan. Verify. Connect.

    CREDZ connects customers with brands and provides a trusted means of checking the credentials of devices, vehicles and components - such as e-scooters, e-bikes, batteries and more.


    Scan the fingerprint on any participating battery or device to verify its credentials and compliance with any regulation.


    Connect with your customers and make onboarding, warranty registration and engagement easy!

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    Brand Protection and Engagement

    Beyond authentication, CREDZ connects brands with customers offering users a range of digital experiences and benefits.


    Offer customers value-added experiences and solutions:

    • warranty management
    • automotive-style logbook servicing
    • trusted digital battery records and services
    • product-specific parts and accessories
    • product expiry notification and management
    • product recall management
    • insurance
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    Compliance & Registration​

    • CREDZ authenticates if devices, vehicles or batteries meet the regulatory requirements of the Country, State and/or City within which it is located.​
    • Credentials for devices are shared with users highlighting local riding rules and regulations.​
    • Information can be shared with government certification and registration systems to prove compliance and enable instant low-cost online registration.​
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    Warranty & Rewards​

    • CREDZ can be used to instantly record a warranty and ensure manufacturers, retailers and distributors have customer information.​
    • Rewards and loyalty programs can be linked to registered components and devices, providing customers with richer and more rewarding brand experiences.​
    • Increase customer retention, repeat purchases and engagement.​
    • Enable proof-of-ownership and change of ownership.​
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    Servicing​ & Insurance

    • CREDZ digital logbook and digital battery records keeps track of the life history of devices, vehicles and core components​.
    • Instantly share authenticated device specifications with insurers.
    • Enable digital claims with verified credentials to insurers via API​​​.
    • Increase resale value and quality through verified service records/logbooks​.
  • CREDZ for Scooters and Bikes

    CREDZ enabled products deliver substantial utility for brands and their customers.

    CREDZ supports the customer journey, reduces operational costs and increases sales.

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    CREDZ Fingerprint for an e-scooter


    CREDZ “fingerprints” are scannable digital twins of devices, vehicles or components right down to the serial number. No two fingerprints are alike resulting in highly secure and reliable information.



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    CREDZ scan result for an e-scooter


    Easily identify if the device, vehicle or component is genuine and if it complies with the importation and regulations specific to local laws.





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    CREDZ digital log book


    The digital service logbook keeps a history of all repairs and product changes. Notifications can be created to remind customers to undertake important safety checks or replace aging components.



  • CREDZ for Batteries and Key Components

    CREDZ connects customers to manufacturers with trusted information on key components

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    CREDZ fingerprints for batteries

    CREDZ fingerprints can be integrated to any type of battery at serial number level. CREDZ connect to specific information on each battery including materials used, traceability, lifecycle information, safety advice and more.

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    CREDZ scan results


    CREDZ links to tamperproof certification and manufacturing records. Multiple certifications can be displayed and linked to original documents if required. An instant scan on any mobile phone delivers trusted information to the user.

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    CREDZ, a 'wallet' for multiple batteries

    CREDZ  can store records of multiple batteries in one place. The CREDZ  'wallet' holds all the information regulators require worldwide, and helps owners with a range of services for their batteries.

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    CREDZ connects everything

    CREDZ  connects all the information you need to know in one place. Notifications and reminders can alert users to expiry dates, product updates, warranty expiry and more.

  • Why CREDZ

    Electric bikes, scooters and other forms of sustainable electric mobility are growing at rapid rates.​ Critical components such as batteries are also supported by CREDZ.

    Design and technology improvements from reputable brands are creating safer, more robust and better-performing devices.​

    Poor and non-compliant vehicles and components are also appearing online and in some stores. There is no easy way to know if the bike, scooter, battery or other device meets each country’s safety standards, vehicle credentials and international standards.​

    CREDZ solves this problem with scannable secure credentials, instantly verifying authenticity, compliance with regulations, ownership and much more.​

    CREDZ ensures safe, quality devices for riders, governments and quality manufacturers.​



    What is a CREDZ Image?

    CREDZ are scannable, randomly generated images - not codes - which are unique per item, and use advanced computer vision technology. This makes CREDZ secure, cost-effective and very easy to deploy.​

    Linked to blockchain metadata, CREDZ provide access to secure applications for government, manufacturers, retailers, industry and users.​

    CREDZ is the micromobility and battery partner of Laava. Laava developed its patented Smart Fingerprint technology in collaboration with Australia’s CSIRO – the inventors of WiFi.


  • Unlike QR Codes

    CREDZ are Secure and Functional

    CREDZ uses Laava’s smart fingerprints as secure digital twins of electric bikes, scooters and batteries, right down to the serial number level, linked to immutable production records of models and their specifications.

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  • About CREDZ

    CREDZ is the brainchild of Zipidi Founders Stephen Coulter and Krystyna Weston. Zipidi provides strategic consulting and insurance to the micromobility industry. Their work identified the need for a single truth source to confirm the authenticity of micromobility vehicles and their core components such as batteries. This is required to prove compliance with government standards that vary between countries, states and even cities.


    CREDZ was created when Zipidi partnered with Laava to apply Laava Smart Fingerprint™ technology to micromobility. Zipidi has created customer-specific micromobility functionality and services using Laava’s patented technology.


    Zipidi Co-Founders Stephen Coulter and Krystyna Weston have worked in micromobility for 10 years after successful careers innovating in financial services.


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    Stephen Coulter

    Stephen Coulter is a customer-focused, data-driven leader and innovator with many years of experience as a senior executive in financial services, payments, mobility, telecommunications and travel. Stephen is a veteran of online secure technology, leading Australia’s first online banking division at NAB in 1995. He has lived and worked in Australia, Asia, Mexico and the USA.

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    Krystyna Weston

    Krystyna Weston is a customer-centric strategic thinker, collaborator and problem solver. Krystyna has a successful track record in bringing innovative ideas to life, building products, business partnerships and leading teams across various sectors including financial services, digital innovation, health insurance, and micromobility/transport.

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